We are glad you are here!

Our goal is to build a healthy recovery community and that is going to require you and I to work together!

We strive to remove the stigma placed on all of us, those struggling with addictions and/or mental health challenges and those who are in long term recovery.

We are here to encourage you to embrace life despite your history.

None of us are here by mistake.

We are survivors. It is our job to educate others that we can be better;we belong; we can regain our place in society not be shut out or shut down.

Levels Of Care

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) programs typically meet three or four sessions each week for 2-3 hours (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday afternoons in office), and for a program duration of 6-10 weeks.

Outpatient Treatment – weekly sessions, usually 60-90 minutes, with an additional hour-long individual sessions, or a different mix including group sessions. Sessions run 8-16 weeks depending on individual’s needs and counselor assessment.

Continued Care – one hour weekly sessions transitioning to a one hour monthly sessiona, as clients move to get established in support activities and into community-base mutual help groups.

Individual Counseling sessions are available at each level of care or added as requested.

*Treatment plans are individualized to reach the client’s goals and discharge includes recovery planning.

Relapse and Recovery

Recovery is a process. So is relapse. Daily maintenance, participating in support group, using coping skills learned in treatment, developing sober relationships, employing self-care and staying active in one’s recovery fellowship helps.


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